My friend Vinny...

I met Vinny , well it must have been about 6 years ago. I was actually starting out as a fresh new real estate agent in Palm Beach Gardens and I had found Vinny's number in the palm beach post as he was selling his condo in pga national as forsale by owner. I picked up the phone that day a luckily decided to call him up, little did i know it would start a friendship we had for 6 years where we would continue to talk and run ideas past each other on a monthly basis. 

The first time I called him he immediately answered and started toying with me on the phone and eventually ended up hanging up on me. I kept calling him for about a week and he finally told me "Talbot, I am going to give you this listing just so your fu**** stop calling me." Lol and this is why I LOVED Vinny because every time we spoke from here on, it was fresh, it was real and there was no bs. He was about as real as a person and you could get. I would never forget this chance he took with me as it literally gave me the start to my real estate career and it was something I will take with me for the rest of my life. 

After the sale of his condo we would continue to go out and have dinner and drinks through the years. We always had different ideas we would run by each other and just recently we were talking about how he was going to quit doing all this busy work with his tenants, sell some of his things and he would finally be able to take some time to himself and spend it traveling and with his daughters. He loved his daughters and always told me how lucky i was to have an Italian as my girlfriend. I actually new Vinny before I met her , during , and now while I am engaged. I was always running by Vinny what I should do and what he would do. I loved his stories and his genuine personality. All of my friends actually would gravitate towards Vinny whenever we would hangout. The honda classic became our annual party together and Vinny and I would post up at the eye bar always having a good time. 

The last time I was with Vinny was at the Woods in jupiter a few weeks ago. We were working on a client who was thinking of buying a few of Vinny's properties and we're talking about was he was going to do after he sold some more things. He called me a few days before his passing and when I found out that he'd passed I was so upset for the last week that I had missed his call and not talked to him one last time. I'll tell you the truth I haven't cried in many years and I couldn't help after talking to his daughter on the phone last friday

All I can say is that anyone that got to meet Vinny and spend time with him really was fortunate to have met such a unique, genuine, and special person. The world lost an amazing individual and a great truly caring person. He will e sorely missed and I will never ever forget the times we spent and how we met and the impact he had on me, my career, and my life. My entire family got to know him through me ..... that was just Vinny he rubbed off on everyone and gave everyone a special feeling that is hard to describe. To me it's just so hard to believe because he was not only a friend but such a strong individual , and when something like that happens it's just hard to comprehend. All i know is that I won't forget him and he taught me things that I will always use and remember . He used to tell me " I started your real-estate tycoon" lol!!!! Man o man will i miss that guy.