Boat memories

I've thought so much about all the time we have spent together growing up. There aren't too many times throughout the year that you reflect on all the things you did growing up but as soon as I got a message from my sister early in the morning last Thursday my thoughts were flooded with so many memories our family spent with yours. Just some of the few things stood out to me...

For one, I don't think I ever heard your dad call me Courtney...always Court and I loved it. We all have nicknames but there was always something endearing and more personal about hearing him call me Court. 

His voice, laugh, and long-island ish accent were contagious. 

Some of my all time favorite 4th of July memories are from the multiple summers we spent watching fire works from the water with you guys on the boat. I can honestly remember thinking how impressive it was to me (even as a 3rd grader) that you guys learned so much from your dad and knew so much about boating, I can vividly remember you guys tying the knots as your dad backed us in to the was amazing to me that he taught you so much of that at a young age even through I'm sure we didn't feel so young at the time. 

From boating to skiing....Some of the Stratton trips also make the highlight reel...we have so many cute shots of us all together at the peak, mainly the dad's and the older girls (me, jacks, and you guys). I have a very vivid impression of your dad in his ski attire - honestly can't remember exactly but i swear it was a one-piece jump suit sort of thing at one point : )


From the soccer field to pool parties in your backyard there are so many times I remember being with you, your family, and your dad. There's not doubt he made an impression on literally everyone he met...