A Note From His Employee

he was the biggest part of my american life, and i was a bigger part of his life, he mentioned that a couple of weeks ago at facebook, i had a firm plan to have a long meeting with him, because by the end of this month i am moving to houston, i wrote on facebook that i will call you very soon a week ago, but i guess he was in a hurry, i have countess memories with him, which i will try to share some of them with your family.

i joined him in 1991, after couple of weeks, Danielle got sick and he was very worried about her, he called me couple of times in the middle of the nights and explained everything to me, and then as soon as she started recovering he was very happy and started coming office again, he mentioned to me that he is very thankful to his wife because she is successfully fighting back with insurance company for medical bills, and she is able to do this because she is more educated than him and has a degree of bs from queens college.

later on in 1993 when my daughter was born, he sent the flowers to my wife in the hospital, and when in 1994 i got another child, he was so happy he decorated the whole office from inside to outside, he sent the flowers to my wife in the hospital to me at my home he celebrated the whole event like his own happiness.

he was a happy guy most of the time, having a smile on his face all the time, having an extra skill to solve the problems, used to scream a lot but never got panicked i was always happy to see him in the middle of the night, or in the middle of a crisis, getting relaxed, most of the time in a party mood , ordering a lot of food for everyone, for a long period of time every saturday it was a party in the office every one was enjoying always ordering especial food for me so i can participate too, very friendly to me always referring to me as a brother or friend, he took a picture of me and him and put at the door of the office and wrote a note at the top of that " we are united like brothers, nobody can separate us ", it was a bumpy road too, but he never got close to fire me and i never got close to quit, we had more commons than disagreements, overall it was a fun for me to work with him.

in 1999 when i broke my ankle while i was on vacation and decided to go to pakistan for surgery because had no insurance here, he showed up at my door paying all my dues and gave me another $1000 check to pay my round trip and when i came back after 3 months he gave me another $1000 check as welcome back bonus, as a regular practice he was always paying me something on top and always saying " rashid you deserved a lot more than this but i can't afford more than this" which was a great thing to hear that i was getting respect on top of the money

In 2008 when i was fired from daily news after a couple of months taking over him, he called me couple of time with a lot of kind words about me and encouraged me saying that i will be more successful in my life, with his encouragement i was able to move forward in my life,

After that i spoke to him time to time, and then in 2014 he gave me a call to arrange a meeting, at that time i was driving yellow cab in the city, so he came to my cab company to pick me up, we went to a restaurant in college point, we spoke for a couple of hours, he informed me about the changes in his personnel life and everything around him, talking about his daughters,their activities,when he dropped me back to my place, and loaded a lot of gifts in my car, when i opened all those gifts back at home, i found a $ 2500 check as a bonus, i called him back and protested about that but he insisted again like always that he owed me a lot more than that, it was more than 6 years i was not working for him, so i had to appreciate that, after that meeting he called me after couple of months he was in ny, but because of my busy schedule of cab driving i couldn't manage it, which i regret now.

he was a great guy, once he insisted me to buy a house, and then offered me to pay the down payment and will cosign for me, when i didn't go that way, then he himself found some houses in college point and gave me the addresses, still i did not take any interest and plan never went in effect, i am still living in a rented apartment and have no regret for that, at another occasion when i was very worried about my car, and he said to me, rashid don't worry i will buy a new car for you, and when i said i can't pay monthly installments, he said don't worry i will pay that too, again that plan never went in effect and i don't have any regret for that too, i remember once one of our carrier was leaving that was not very abnormal thing, but he arranged a big party in the middle of the night, decorated whole ware house, everybody was surprised including that carrier, but everybody was happy including himself and thatswhat he wanted, he was always paying for all these parties and one saturday he said rashid you should chip in too, i replied to him vinny you are the boss and boss is like father of the family and must take care of the family, he gave me a big smile and never raised that question again, i remember seeing you and danielle when you were very young and visited the office couple of times, with your help i just spoke to joe posa and he was very happy to hear my voice after a long long time, yes i need all the details about that memorial including the street address of the place, so i can get there by gps, just ignore my mistakes in writings,once one of the customer called vinny and said that i can't understand him, your father raised his voice ( against the business ethics ) and said i have no problem understanding him and then hung up, that gave me a lot of confidence,

i was enjoying reading all his fb postings and sharing most of them, in this way i was feeling in touch with him and looking forward to have a series of meetings with him, but his accidental departure shocked me big time, including my extended family every body knew him by name but not in details,so i thought you are the best one to share a little bit of my memories about him,i am very sure i will miss him rest of my life, it is still very painful for me to think about that

may god reward him for all his good deeds and forgive all his sins

My friend Vinny...

I met Vinny , well it must have been about 6 years ago. I was actually starting out as a fresh new real estate agent in Palm Beach Gardens and I had found Vinny's number in the palm beach post as he was selling his condo in pga national as forsale by owner. I picked up the phone that day a luckily decided to call him up, little did i know it would start a friendship we had for 6 years where we would continue to talk and run ideas past each other on a monthly basis. 

The first time I called him he immediately answered and started toying with me on the phone and eventually ended up hanging up on me. I kept calling him for about a week and he finally told me "Talbot, I am going to give you this listing just so your fu**** stop calling me." Lol and this is why I LOVED Vinny because every time we spoke from here on, it was fresh, it was real and there was no bs. He was about as real as a person and you could get. I would never forget this chance he took with me as it literally gave me the start to my real estate career and it was something I will take with me for the rest of my life. 

After the sale of his condo we would continue to go out and have dinner and drinks through the years. We always had different ideas we would run by each other and just recently we were talking about how he was going to quit doing all this busy work with his tenants, sell some of his things and he would finally be able to take some time to himself and spend it traveling and with his daughters. He loved his daughters and always told me how lucky i was to have an Italian as my girlfriend. I actually new Vinny before I met her , during , and now while I am engaged. I was always running by Vinny what I should do and what he would do. I loved his stories and his genuine personality. All of my friends actually would gravitate towards Vinny whenever we would hangout. The honda classic became our annual party together and Vinny and I would post up at the eye bar always having a good time. 

The last time I was with Vinny was at the Woods in jupiter a few weeks ago. We were working on a client who was thinking of buying a few of Vinny's properties and we're talking about was he was going to do after he sold some more things. He called me a few days before his passing and when I found out that he'd passed I was so upset for the last week that I had missed his call and not talked to him one last time. I'll tell you the truth I haven't cried in many years and I couldn't help after talking to his daughter on the phone last friday

All I can say is that anyone that got to meet Vinny and spend time with him really was fortunate to have met such a unique, genuine, and special person. The world lost an amazing individual and a great truly caring person. He will e sorely missed and I will never ever forget the times we spent and how we met and the impact he had on me, my career, and my life. My entire family got to know him through me ..... that was just Vinny he rubbed off on everyone and gave everyone a special feeling that is hard to describe. To me it's just so hard to believe because he was not only a friend but such a strong individual , and when something like that happens it's just hard to comprehend. All i know is that I won't forget him and he taught me things that I will always use and remember . He used to tell me " I started your real-estate tycoon" lol!!!! Man o man will i miss that guy. 


Boat memories

I've thought so much about all the time we have spent together growing up. There aren't too many times throughout the year that you reflect on all the things you did growing up but as soon as I got a message from my sister early in the morning last Thursday my thoughts were flooded with so many memories our family spent with yours. Just some of the few things stood out to me...

For one, I don't think I ever heard your dad call me Courtney...always Court and I loved it. We all have nicknames but there was always something endearing and more personal about hearing him call me Court. 

His voice, laugh, and long-island ish accent were contagious. 

Some of my all time favorite 4th of July memories are from the multiple summers we spent watching fire works from the water with you guys on the boat. I can honestly remember thinking how impressive it was to me (even as a 3rd grader) that you guys learned so much from your dad and knew so much about boating, I can vividly remember you guys tying the knots as your dad backed us in to the dock...it was amazing to me that he taught you so much of that at a young age even through I'm sure we didn't feel so young at the time. 

From boating to skiing....Some of the Stratton trips also make the highlight reel...we have so many cute shots of us all together at the peak, mainly the dad's and the older girls (me, jacks, and you guys). I have a very vivid impression of your dad in his ski attire - honestly can't remember exactly but i swear it was a one-piece jump suit sort of thing at one point : )


From the soccer field to pool parties in your backyard there are so many times I remember being with you, your family, and your dad. There's not doubt he made an impression on literally everyone he met...

An example of his kindness

Danielle we are so very saddened to hear this. We loved Vinny! We met him years ago in fl doing real estate deals. Have been friends since we first met. One of many special memories of your dad. About 4 years ago my dht was in homecoming. He not only allowed us to borrow his Cadillac, he drove my dgt and her special needs escort. I was worried about him as there were many delays with the parade. But he made himself right at home talking to many people and all the other special needs children. Later at dinner he said how much fun he had. Thats one example of his kindness and very sweet heart. I could go on and on. Prayers and hugs to all of you. He will be greatly missed.

The christmas lights

I only shook your dad's hand once - it was at Amanda's graduation or prom I believe... BUT he made a difference on me and all of us Coburns not only because of his four incredible daughters... BUT... because of his Christmas light display! In a sense I "knew" of and who your Dad was before we actually met any Posas! His display of lights was just pure love... it was so "all in" and a good to all in pleasantville that unmistakenly yelled out JOY... it wasn't for years that I connected THAT was where the Posas lived... and it all made sense... the expression of JOY and LOVE is so so present in and around you all in every single moment. It all made so much sense smile emoticon. Love, Pip