In Memory Of:

VinCent A. Posa

August 14, 1956- April 26, 2016


Vinny died on April 26th 2016 in a motorcycle accident while driving back from the Hoover Dam. He lost control of the bike after hitting some gravel while going around a turn. No other vehicles were involved. His death was sudden, and tragic but we felt that he died the same way he lived - being bold, adventurous, and curious. 

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Our Dad's Life

Our dad lived a very full life. He was an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, a motorcycle rider, a car connoisseur, Lionel train collector,  and boat captain... but he was mainly a father. There are four of us; Danielle, Jaime, Christina and Amanda. He was involved in all of our lives in many different ways. Growing up he brought us to work, or to visit his real estate properties. He taught us how to drive and dock the boat, how to garden, and how to fix just about anything that broke. 

We traveled a lot and vacationed a lot. We would take our boat out for weeks at a time, and the bikes came with us so we could explore the places we went. He taught us to be adventurous, to try new things, to be bold and curious...and he made us laugh like crazy.

He came to our sports games, our graduations, our recitals, our ceremonies. 

He removed our splinters, scared our boyfriends, tucked us into bed, took us to dinner, and always had new surprises. 

There was nothing that he couldn't fix, create, grow or build. He was creative, and opportunistic. He loved to dream big and encouraged us to do the same. 

But most importantly, he always made us feel loved and always put us first. We never questioned his commitment to our family. We knew that everything he did, every business deal he closed, and every decision he made was for us. 

We will miss him every day for the rest of our lives but we thank him for all of the memories that will never die.


Our dad was down to do anything, and go anywhere. He had an adventurous spirit and innate curiosity. He traveled to El Salvador to see Jaime while she was in the Peace Corps, and to Thailand to visit Christina while she studied abroad. We went on boating trips, countless vacations, and there was always multiple hobbies and projects taking place around the house at any given time. Our memories are endless. And for that we are grateful.